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Setting up a complete Asterisk integration
Well, I've tested the corebos's asterisk connector and if for the sake of easiness you put in admin's user and password after you gave access to corebos's ip on manager.conf at the administrator section it works great for outgoing. For incoming calls it misses calls to group and queues if you have those apps but can be corrected. Also because the field type where corebos's and vtigercrm store the number is bigint you lose a 0 at the beginning of the numbers if your country start with 0. That's also easy to correct. You have to have asteriskclient.php running at corebos's instalation. In production installations situations might get more difficult as you have to take in consideration access and things like that

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RE: Setting up a complete Asterisk integration - radu - 04-24-2018, 04:24 PM

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