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Is coreBOS scalable
I am doing a diploma thesis about scalable appliactions and i took coreBOS as example.
I am building a small application with coreBOS.
Can anyone give me some detailed information about coreBOS and scalability?
Or any link where i can test my aplication performance?
Thank you.
First, go over to the coreBOSTest project:

and set that up.
Pay special attention to the profiling part.
That will permit you to generate reports on performance and compare different runs, among other interesting information.

Once you have that setup and are seeing the information in xhgui, you can start testing the different limitations.

From my experience, the bottleneck is the number of users and their permissions. The application gets slower as the number of users and groups goes up and the permissions get complex. If there are no private modules, for example, it will support a larger number of users, if you have a lot of private modules and then add special exceptions, or add specific code (like you did on the documents) then it gets slower with fewer users.

The exact numbers depend on your hardware, memory and fast disks are essential.

After the users, the next bottleneck is the database. If you put the database on some cloud cluster things can go up rather high.

I am very interested in your results, so let me know how it goes and how I can help.
Thank you Smile
I will keep you informed Smile

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