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PDF maker in Customer Portal
The instructions Omar posts above are for the vtiger CRM native customer portal. You are using one of the two supported portals for coreBOS, so those steps do not apply.
Our customer portals did not support PDFMaker because our webservice interface didn't support it. After reading this issue I thought that it was a good idea so I added it. I added the change which Omar indicates, in case anybody wants to use it in the vtiger crm portal and I added it into our webservice with support also for the openoffice PDF generator.

On the latest version you can indicate which system you want to use with the global variable CustomerPortal_PDF and even which template to use for each module.

So, you will need to upgrade to get this functionality

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RE: PDF maker in Customer Portal - joebordes - 07-13-2017, 08:28 AM

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