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Adding User Fields to Email Templates
Hello there,

I created an email template using the variables $users-first_name$ $users-last_name$ in the greeting line.

I expected these variables to be replaced to the active CRM users name and thus my name in that line when the email is sent. But the variables do not get replaced.

Is that a bug or did I miss out on something?

Best regards
Henning ( $users-first_name$ $users-last_name$ Smile )

PS: Also I would like to customize the output of $custom-currentdate$ in emails to reflect German common usage. Any hint how to do that?
This should work as you describe. I just tried in my development install and it did work correctly.

I had a look and it seems we added that at the end of june:

is your install up to date?
I just added a global variable that will permit you to give some basic formatting to the date. It isn't the correct solution (which is much more complex) but it should get you the basic functionality you are looking for:

let us know how it goes
Hi Joe,

thanks for your quick reply.
The update did it for the user variables.
The global variable works fine for the date in emails.

Thank you very much!!!

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