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How to test workflow emails
Thank you, I applied the fixed file.

I call this address:


This is the output I get:

Incorrect crmid:
crmid could not be evaluated as a valid webservice enhanced ID

I looked up the crmid in the vtiger_crmentity table. The workflow is related to cbCalendar and the crmid is related to a cbCalendar item.
What do I miss?

OK, answering myself in case anybody did not see how to do this:

The URL parameters to be used with evalwf.php are three
$1 = workflowid (table ”com_vtiger_workflows”)
$2 = webservice entity id (table ”ws_entity”)
$3 = crmid (from table ”vtiger_crmentity”)

Now put together the three like this

PHP Code:

This seems to be a strange way of doing it. Why not like this?


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