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Upgrade / Migrate
I am new to this Forum

Thank You Joe

I want to double check when if I am upgrading from vtiger 5.4 to corebos , do I do a fresh install of corebos or migrate from my vtiger

I do understand that save all of my customizations I just need to copy those file necessary from my file manger, correct?

Also if I do have to do a migration will these effect my current install of vtiger or its database?
You can find the exact steps to upgrade your vtiger CRM 5.4 to coreBOS here:

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the idea is to copy your database and particular files from your current install to a fresh copy of coreBOS
Since it is all a copy your current install will not be affected in anyway.
You copy files using the file manager or command line
You edit to adapt it to the new database and file location
You install coreBOS updater who will do the rest of the work for you

Have a read, give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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