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Cron Job for Mail Converter/Workflow
Ok... Here's the latest... Woke up at mid-night - my time - cause I couldn't sleep. Woke up thinking about this issue, so I got up and got to work. A few hours later and my LAMP server is now also an Edge Email server. Sendmail, and Dovecot (imap service) are all configured and working. (so C7 would be looking at a local IMAP server rather than looking at Exchange because I'm convinced it hates Exchange or something that Exchange is doing.)

For the last hour and a half I've been trying to understand what it is that C7 wants as far as an Imap connection goes. MailManger acts like it connects and in fact I can see the handshake happening if I tail the maillog on the LAMP server. I can see the imap server connections being made. After putzing around with it a while it's making an SSL connection and authenticating to the imap service and sees the folders (inbox) and shows a message count, but it absolutely will not open the folder and list the messages. Outlook connects and sees everything normally. I had to use something to test the imap service with. 

Mail Converter is connecting to the localhost imap service as well using the LAN IP address (mail manager the same as is Outlook). It will scan the folder manually and do what it's supposed to but the defined cron job will not.

Still getting this error from the cron daemon: Failed! [TroubleTickets] is not enabled for scanning! (mail scanner sees all the imap folders as well and I've selected only the inbox. So, I'm thoroughly stumped. I can't think of anything else that could be troubling this critter.

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