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Cron Job for Mail Converter/Workflow
I have a confession to make. I apologize to everyone, but especially to Joe. My apologies Joe if I have wasted your time or caused any consternation in regards to this issue. This issue is/was a direct result of human stupidity on my part completely.

I noticed it this morning when I was reviewing messages that came in over night. I looked in the folder containing responses from cron jobs that run on the LAMP server. There in plain site was the reason for the problem. I was calling the wrong script in the cron job setting! UGH!!!  

In my haste last week to get everything buttoned up with CoreBOS 7 and running C5 and C7 side-by-side on the same server so I'd have access to old data I lost site of that fact when I entered the cron job in the system. I was calling the from the old (C5) CoreBOS installation. So, of course I would get the messages I've posted here.

At any rate, I made the necessary change this morning and when the quarter hour hit ALL KINDS of things started popping into my mailbox. Notifications about contacts being setup, trouble-tickets being created, etc...

It hasn't been a total waste of time though on this end. My Exchange server is once again safely hidden behind Sendmail/SpamAssassin, and I've started a procedure sheet - check list - for myself in case I have to repeat this process again. (God! I hope not - being busy makes me miss things at least that's what I'm blaming it on.) 

So, please forgive a knuckle-head for not seeing the obvious. I sit here humbly with egg on my face.

[i]If I could work while on horseback that's where I'd be doing it. There's nothing like riding... Gives new meaning to the phrase, ride to live... live to ride.[/i]

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