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CoreBOS and PDFMaker paid version
Hi everyone!

Do you know if the paid version of PDFMaker for vtiger 5 is compatible with CoreBOS?
Could you give me some information about?

Thanks and regards.
No, it isn't, but if you have a valid license you can download a compatible version here:

I would also like to invite you to have a look at our alternative GenDoc:

let me know how it goes
I have, in the very distant future, plans to create a PDF module that is open-source. This wil NOT have the WYSIWYG editor but will work with smarty templates and ACE editor (this is at least my plan), so you will need some basic HTML skills. The reason is that I never found the WYSIWYG editor sufficient - I always wound up editing the HTML and writing custom functions anyway. Keep an eye out on my github (Luke1982). Like I said, this is a future plan, somewhere in the coming 6 months.
Luke, please dedicate some time to the GenDoc extension. I think it will surprise you, not only for it's power but also the incredible ease of use.

Have a look at the documentation template:

and at some of the existing templates:

I will be doing a video tutorial on GenDoc in the next weeks.

I really think there is no need for you to dedicate any time to this: GenDoc is a great solution

Have a look and let me know what you think
Hey Joe,

I surely will, I do believe GenDoc is a great solution, it outputs ODF files right? Will dive into this.

The problem is that PDF has an established workflow and everyone uses it. It's like Microsoft Word: It's crap, but since everybody uses it, you have to be able to offer it.
GenDoc generates an ODT file, you can open that with OpenOffice (modify it if necessary) and export to PDF from there. We also have a PDF generation service, if you have a subscription contract or some other sort of support contract with us you will be able to directly generate PDFs from inside the application.
Ah, that's something I didn't know. Let me experiment with this. If that is true an extra PDF module wouldn't be needed..

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