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Blank Date Field

I thought you had explained to me in the past how to do this in Vtiger 5.4 but I am unable to find the thread. I know in Corebos you have already updated using a blank field in custom view filter. How do I use a blank date field in the Reports Module Filter
Joe , I see you posted this comment. I am using Corebos and still not able to filter report with blank date. It will accept the dollar sign in the date field but will not pull the data properly like the list view filter

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I just created a filter and a report in the online demo and it seemed to work correctly.

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In contacts, I set 4 contacts birthday field and then created a filter called Empty Birthday, I get all the others. Then I went to the reports module, created a new report called Empty Birthday and set the condition the same way and got the same results.

Connect there and have a look. Then reproduce the problem you are having there so I can have a look.

In other words: it works for me.

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