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Application Backup and relocate
Hi !

I want to take a complete application mirror (application settings + database) and install it on a different server. How do I do it? I want to keep all the settings (email, sms, data till date) to be functioning as it was in the earlier server. Can you tell me the steps to do it?


[color=#000080][b]Anil Purushothaman[/b][/color]
very high level steps:

[*] copy ALL files to the new server (be careful with permissions)
[*] dump the database
[*] recover the dump on the new server
[*] modify and change: $site_URL, $root_directory and the database access variables
[*] if you have licensed modules (PDFMaker), they will not work, you have to buy a new license or deactivate the one on the origin install and reactivate in the new install

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