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cannot view document in customer portal
my OS is windows 7. I installed the vtigher 5.4 without changing any code. When it comes to the CRM system,I add one people in CONTACTS module, upload one txt file in document module and add a ticket in trouble ticket module for testing.Then I paste the customer portal enclosed in the attachment in the vtigerCRM directory and change the and portalconfig files for configuration. After I receive the userID and password.I just follow the instruction listed as follow:
Finally, I can login as a contact member created before in CRM system.

In customer portal,The ticket I created in CRM system is listed in the ticket module.The problem is I cannot see any record in the documents module no matter who uploaded the file.By the way,except the configuration,I do not change any code.i don't know how to connect the contact with document

WIsh you can help me
Thank you


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cannot view document in customer portal - gongsl - 06-12-2014, 01:21 AM

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