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Autocomplete: what about more UI types?
I've been going through some of the commits and would like to set out a global method for doing this kind of task. Since every 'exotic' UI type has its own implementation I think the approach should first figure out what that implementation is, and then come up with a plan to retain existing functionality while still converting the UI type to 10. This requires some investigation for each UI type I want to replace individually I suppose, so maybe it's best to start with the ones that have the biggest impact. I'm thinking about one that is used a lot in the system versus one that may not be used in many places but would be used many times since it's a common operation (contact or account on salesorder for instance). What would you advise?

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RE: Autocomplete: what about more UI types? - Guido1982 - 07-27-2018, 09:30 AM

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