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Can I set localization for workflow function "date"?
I am using the following for confirmation of appointments:

PHP Code:
$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__format_date($date_start,'d. F Y') ) 

Gives something like this:

Quote:08. January 2019

That is German date structure but English vocabulary.
I would like to keep the long month names.
But they are displayed in English language.
Is there a way to change the localization?
That is a complicated server/php configuration so I prefer using the translation module in coreBOS.

  •  create records for each month in cbtranslation module Key: January,  Translation: Januar,  module: cbtranslation
    • it is important to set the module to cbtranslation as that has a special meaning of "the whole application"
  • now, in the workflow use


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