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PDF Maker or GENdoc
Now, installed, but when I try to use

Fatal error: Call to a member function GetRowAssoc() on boolean in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/database/PearDatabase.php on line 830
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It's strange, today we have installed this module to a new coreBOS and works perfect.

What php version have you installed for this coreBOS?

Did you check the logs en debug mode to try find the exact error?

If you can't find the error maybe you can contact with our commercial department and we will connect to your installation to try to find the problem.
Oh sorry not php 7, is PHP 5.6.31

there any version compatible?
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This version support until PHP 7, so your php version is not the problem

Did you active your logs to try to find the error?

Remember that you can active this by this way:[]=log

Please, active the PHP Debugging.
Yes but not was activited .. Sad

Not is like the past?

I changed

in - set to log4php.rootLogger=DEBUG,A1

in config.performance.php - set to 'LOG4PHP_DEBUG' => true

But nothing is logging ...
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Now the LOG4PHP_DEBUG' => true is on at the end. You can read this on the wiki
Ok, i will sent by email ( because logs always contains a private information ... )

Thanks for your support

Last line -->
2017-08-02T17:20:41+00:00 INFO VT PearDatabase ->ADODB error Query Failed:SELECT owner, sharingtype FROM vtiger_pdfmaker_settings WHERE templateid = ?::->[1054]Unknown column 'owner' in 'field list'
eCRM Web
Is not necessary to see the entire log, with this error is enough.

You had a problem when you install, I don't know how because I've downloaded a new corebos installation, uncompress the zip that we sent you, load new changesets and install.

I've done this with the same php version than you and everything works fine.

You can see the two attachments:
 - one is the result of the installcbPDFMakerProfessional changest execution
 - and the other is the vtiger_pdfmaker_settings table that create the installation. Here you can see that owner column exists.

Without connecting to your installation, the only thing I can advise you is the following.

- Remove PDFMaker modules completely, check that all the tables not exists.
- unzip again the last zip that Joe sent you on your corebos root directory
- check that you have the next files:
  • modules/PDFMaker
  • Smarty/templates/modules/PDFMaker
  • modules/cbupdater/cbupdates/cbPDFMaker.xml
  • build/changeSets/cbPDFMaker/installcbPDFMakerProfessional
- go to you database -> vtiger_cbupdater and find record with filename installcbPDFMakerProfessional
- change the status value "Executed" to "Pending"
- active you log in debug mode
- got to coreBOS Updater, find this changeset and apply again
- first go to logs/vtigercrm.log and check if exist any error message and if you find it paste here
- if you don't find any error , check PDFMaker module.

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Ok I will try this, and post here.

Maybe, because different your test

I installed a free version of PDF Maker
Removed thru script,
try install new version (?) thru module manager ( my mistake ... )

Unziped at root directory
applied corebos Updater ( button --> load all changes )
Apply all changes ( button --> apply all )

( twice, because first nothing did ... ( I don't know because, at first time, not worked )


Now I finished the installation of PDF Maker, successfully!

I will create new models and contracts

Thank you very much!!
eCRM Web
I'm glad it's finally working. Smile

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