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multiple related to popup hierarchy

 i try to explain  :
in edit view , we can have multiple related fields (uitype = 10) ,
when selecting using the popup, it would filter depending of the parent id 

Ex : 

Invoice :
the invoice is both related to organisation and contact, 
if i set the organisation first , when popup the contacts it should display only contacts related to this organisation

is it possible to have a generic code for the popup for any uitype = 10 ? 

It would be a bit complicated to add some generic code but I do have some ideas coming soon that may help considerably in accomplishing this. We are almost finished with a new module that will permit the implementer of the solution to configure many options that now need to be coded. For example, the mapping of fields between modules that can be converted like Quotes to SalesOrder. We could add in the mapping module the relations and conditions between uitype10 fields, but it is still a little early for this.

Right now you have to add your logic and dependency manually coding the event as explained here:

Keep asking

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