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"inactive" contact
As life goes forward, some our Contacts are changing Accounts, or just are retired, so we saw a need to be able to change Contact status, like we have for Products "Active/ Inacive" instead of delete Contact.
By this we would keep the history of records for Inactive contacts, but should be not able to select/relate this Inactive Contact to new records.

What do you think about this?
see if this idea helps:
Hi, this is partial solution,
The idea behind this is not to hide the records, but to does not allowe the "disabled" contact to be selected/related to any of new records related to the contact.

two ideas come to mind:

1.- Use colorizer to mark them red (or some other color) and teach the users to not select the red ones
2.- Add a popup hook to modify the query and filter out those contacts (programming)
Thanks for response,

Second option would be a similar solution like "inactive Products" we have now, whitch prevents to use "old, deactivated products", but i suppose it requires codding.
I am the single user who has "died" contacts?
Suppose this should be implemented as build in feature.

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