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Fresh install on Cpanel using Git Version control

Thanks for this that helps a lot

Also I am working with the permissions

On your install it asks for these files to be set to read write for user and group (I believe your video did as well)

Read and Write permissions should be enabled for user/group who owns webserver process (like www-data or httpd or apache).
  • tabdata.php
  • install.php
  • cache
  • storage/
  • install/
  • user_privileges/
  • Smarty/cache/
  • Smarty/templates_c/
  • modules/Emails/templates/
  • modules/
  • cron/modules/
  • test/vtlib/
  • backup/
  • Smarty/templates/modules/
  • test/
  • logs/
  • modules/Webmails/tmp/
My question is do all the files in each of these folders need the same permissions 6 6 4 (I think)
When I change the permissions on a folder in the Cpanel file manager it only changes for the folder not the included folders and files.

Do I need to find something to (or some interface, app) to send that Permission to each file in those folders?

Thanks for your help


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