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Create a special custom field
Hi All
I don't understand how to create a custom field like Term and Conditions in quote module.

in quote Module i can Choose Termand condition in a Field (tandc

and this choose fill automatically the field (terms_conditions Text Area 65535

is possible to create other field like this, and ( i suppose the answer) using html format?

i Would like this, because i use quote e gendoc to send the Quote, but i need to insert something like service description

Other way is to create a Fake product whit a long description, and print this description.

or i don't know how gendoc can generate the pdf document and in the same time add specific sheet of an other formatted pdf.

i hope anyone has an idea.

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Create a special custom field - LorenzoGreco - 10-15-2022, 12:49 PM

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