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IMAP (Webmail Module) not really working
I've been digging at this for days now. There's no reason or feedback that I can get that would let me know why I can't properly read/access an IMAP account with Mail Manager. While I was digging around today I checked the documentation site here:[]=imap

I set about to go down through my PHP ini file to make sure all variables were set correctly. What I found was some were missing entirely from the ini file. As such there was nothing to set. This started me thinking... Are the docs written for a different version of PHP than what I'm running on CentOS 7 (CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core))? The I remembered something Joe said about a demo (test) install of CoreBOS he's got running on Mint Linux with PHP 7. Now, I'm really starting to wonder...

At any rate I made all the changes in my ini file I could. Now, Mail Manager makes the connection, shows me how many messages exist in the inbox, but doesn't display any folders. When I connect to my gmail account it shows all the folders but won't show any messages. To connect to my Exchange server via imap, or to the local Linux server I have to choose "other" as the account type.

I guess my question is this: What version of PHP is optimal for normal operation of CoreBOS 7? To be honest if I had to upgrade PHP 5.4.6 to PHP 7 on this CentOS 7 server I wouldn't be crazy about it, but because I depend on CoreBOS so heavily and I really like the application I'd do it. I just need to know if it's necessary or could I add those missing variables to the ini file of the current version of PHP?

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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