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Do we have an application-way of manipulating the related list columns?
Quote:You do not need to modify any of your code to adapt the business maps. If the module you have created is based on a standard of corebos there is no problem.
Thanks, but what if I created a module based on 'older' code? I mean the 'moduleDir' in the 'build' folder gets updated as coreBOS progresses, so modules I based on older versions of the 'moduleDir' will have an older codebase. Could you point me to the code where the business map is implemented so I can check my modules and adjust them if necessary?

Quote:For related views you can also apply the same concept. Simply create a map for each of the lists you need to modify
Thanks, but my question was mainly about the fact that I saw a 'parentmodule' directive. Cool if we can adjust the behaviour on a per-module basis (so we could show related lists that adapt to the module they are shown in), but does that mean I should create a map for each parent module that has a related list?

Simply put: If I have a related list for assets on accounts, salesorders and invoices and I want to adjust the related list columns for all three 'parent modules', do I need to create one map, or three?

Quote:Not is possible use a custom view for override a default options?
I think custom views are the source for the filters in list view, or am I misunderstanding you?

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