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CoreBos 5.6 released soon?
Most probably never. It makes no sense to have version numbers anymore, they just complicate things.

I will write a blog post explaining my arguments about the issue with details but really short the thing is that with git control and coreBOS updater it is REALLY easy to follow our development and we change the application almost every day (!). All you need to get the latest version is:
- git pull
- apply all corebos updater changes

your done, on the latest release, and you can do that again tomorrow or in a week to get the new changes....

I would have to be doing version numbers every other day, it is a waste of time.

So if you want 5.6 or whatever marketing scheme number you want to call it, just download the latest code from github.

I will post the link to the blog post as soon as it is up

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