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uitype 69 : file upload field

continuing the thread from vtiger forum :
Joe Bordes : " Hi,

As I stated in my previous response:

We haven't added it to the layout editor but that should be easy to do now that the hard part is working.
Adding fields is done using vtlib, have a read at the module construction manual and wiki.


where is reference to the manual and wiki?

Here is the cbupdate file as a sample

then add this to cbupdares.xml (or create a new xml file under cbupdater folder)


<description>Add field File to Contact</description>

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.php   addFileToContacts.php (Size: 1.79 KB / Downloads: 12)
Thank you :-)
@saidmsl thank you for the guide above. I have added the xml to modules/cbupdater/cbupdater.xml and addFileToContacts.php to build/changeSets/ but when I go to contacts it is not showing. Is there something else that needs to be done? Thanks in advance.
You should not modify cbupdater.xml, that is the system file. You have to create your own .xml file and put it in the cbupdates directory.

Once you have done that you have to go to coreBOS Updater, load the changes, select the changes you want to apply and apply them
@joebordes, looks like my coreBOS had not installed correctly. I have reinstalled and I'm now able to see the coreBOS updater.
I've run the changes and all seems well only that while I'm in the contacts module manager, I can't see an option to create a file field.

@saidmsl, what could I be missing?

Thanks all.
this cbupdater already create the field for file upload
the field created will be "fileid"

once you have load changes and apply this cbupdater , just go to any contact , there is a field "File" , on Edit view, you can upload a file

Great! Now working as expected. Thank you all for your assistance.
Hi, I was able to update contacts with the xml and php file provided. Can I modify the addFileToContacts.php and add the field to Leads module also?

Hi Anilp78

This is not required anymore. You can add image fields directly in the layout editor to any module you want.

Also you can now create manual changesets directly in the coreBOS udpater module with no need to change any code.

That said, the solution given in this thread still works as expected and you should be able to add an image field to Leads with no issue at all, just change the module name to Leads and change the block name accordingly
Thanks Joe,

I am using an older version of corebos, would love to update it to the latest, is it possible to seamlessly update the entire system without losing data and settings?

I was able to add the field to Leads and it worked well with webforms also, however, here is the silly question, i cannot see the uploaded file content (its an image), how do i see it now in corebos? I only see filename in the field against the record.


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