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Updating record with new Organization
Ok Joe, I've figured it out! It's actually entirely my fault, so I am sorry for the time wasted, but at least this arises some questions.

What happened is that I hid the default fields in the organization's layout editor because those "shipping address" and "billing address" labels simply didn't cut it out for me. I had forgotten about this. Anyways, since we neither ship nor bill anything to those contacts, therefore I created news fields with more appropriate labels like "mailing addresse" or "mailing city".

That said, it is strange that Vtiger/Corebos coressponds an organization's "shipping address" to a contact "mailling address" and a "billing address" to a contact "other address". Not really logical to me. In any case, for those who wish to retain this functionality, there should be a way to map user created fields (or non-default fields, if I may say so) of the organization to contact fields so that this doesn't happen. At present it's like Vtiger gives people the possibility of being flexible and being creative by creating customs fields but at the end only the defaults fields are the ones that count... strange!

The only way I would see this working logically at present would be by changing the label of the default fields to ones that are more apprpriate for me. The only problem is that my database is already in production and the data resides withing the custom fields I created, not the default fields.

Personally I don't really mind this not working for me as I don't find any use for it.

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