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Quote with crmid and quoteid = 0

I have a situation when a user ended up with a fatal error after saving a quote. As a result, in the vtiger_crmentity table there is a quote with crmid=0 and in the vtiger_quotes table the quote has quoteid=0. There are also 2 orphaned(unrelated) inventory details that were supposed to belong to the problematic quote. The quote's link still shows in the organization's related panel but is not accessible with that id. It does not show in quote's module in the interface. Unfortunately i was not able to trace back the error that caused this.

What would be the correct way to fix the situation? Could I edit the records in the 2 tables, set them to a working id and then associate the inventory details with it? Or how can i delete it so it does not show as a broken link in other module's related lists?

Thank you.

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Quote with crmid and quoteid = 0 - radu - 08-03-2023, 03:51 PM

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