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How to limit the other users in Calendar view
I've setup roles in the following fashion (simplified):
  • Administration, plans the technical crew.
    • Technical crew, reports to Administration. The purpose of this is that administration can see the technical crew in the calendar and schedule appointments for them.

Now there are a couple of the technical crew that don't work here anymore, but I want to keep the user profiles, just to be able to keep a good history. But, I want to remove these users from the calendar overview. I've set the users to 'inactive', created a role called 'ex-technical crew' that does NOT report to Administration and turned off all the calendar sharing from the users in 'ex-Technical crew', but still, these people show up in the calendar view. How do I accomplish this?
That sounds like an error. Give me a couple of days to verify it and I'll get back to you.
I just remembered that we have a global variable for this:


Go to the global variable module and create a new record with this variable set to 0, mark it as default and the inactive user should not appear anymore.

Let me know how it goes.
Thanks! I'll try this and let you know.
Unfortunately, I don't have this Global Variable available. I guess I need to update the application?
I suppose you have applied all corebos updates, specially the Define Global Variable one which is continuous
If that is the case, then the answer is yes: you will need to update.
Alternatively you could look for the commit that applies that change and import that individually.

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