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How to limit the other users in Calendar view
I've setup roles in the following fashion (simplified):
  • Administration, plans the technical crew.
    • Technical crew, reports to Administration. The purpose of this is that administration can see the technical crew in the calendar and schedule appointments for them.

Now there are a couple of the technical crew that don't work here anymore, but I want to keep the user profiles, just to be able to keep a good history. But, I want to remove these users from the calendar overview. I've set the users to 'inactive', created a role called 'ex-technical crew' that does NOT report to Administration and turned off all the calendar sharing from the users in 'ex-Technical crew', but still, these people show up in the calendar view. How do I accomplish this?

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How to limit the other users in Calendar view - Guido1982 - 06-28-2016, 10:17 AM

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