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cbupdater not updating

i have installed corebos from github last week

and update the cbupdater, i got 15 updates

today, in installed another server with latest version from github, and got 19 updates

i try to update on my old server but nothing comes , only the GO BACK is displayed

is it normal?
i think i got it :

- download latest cbupdater.xml
-download all build/changesets

First , thanks for user coreBOS and for share your expirience.

For have new updates, you have to update the code with "git pull".
Cbupdater read the new changesets in modules/cbupdater/cbupdater.xml and this the build/changesets/ when you cilc in "Get Updates", is not conecting to a server to dowload the updates.


Exactly! you arrive before. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->

the button "get updates" is misleading

people can think that it will connect to the corebos server - github - when clicking on it

Automatic connection and update from github would be really nice but it isn't possible. The thing is that it is not enough to update cbupdater.xml and build/changesets because those changes go hand in hand with other changes in base files of the system. For example, one of the latest changeset installs Calendar4You (YES!! Calendar4You, I haven't even announced it officially yet). So it isn't enough to download the changeset that installs that extension if you haven't downloaded all the related files.

So, as my partner Omar has indicated the steps to update are:
- update your code, all of it, ideally that will be a "git pull" command
- go to cbupdater and click on the "Get Updates", this will load the new changes into the module
- review the new ones, select those you want to apply and execute them

Now, with that explanation, I hope you understand that we cannot execute a full upgrade of the code from the "Get Updates" button. In any case, if you have a better name for it, please let us know and we will evaluate changing it as I do agree that it can lead to excessive expectations as it is now <!-- s:-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:-) -->

i understand

i think : "apply/reload Patches" or something like that will be better than "get updates"

for me (and i think for normal users) , get updates is the same as yum update or windows updates
ie connecting to a server and download the updates available on the server


ps : i got the calendar4you installed , is it free?
saidmsl Wrote:i think : "apply/reload Patches" or something like that will be better than "get updates"

Done in commit today. Thank you.

saidmsl Wrote:ps : i got the calendar4you installed , is it free?

Yes!!! They donated that code to the project!

Could someone give the match between Google fields and Corebos one (image attached)
I tried many solutions but fields I entered are not saved in Calendar4You settings.


[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->Sélection_001.png<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment]
[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Sélection_002.png<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

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we have changed Google calendar authentication in Corebos from the one you are showing in the screenshot. That's a Service Account authentication and
you need to create a service account in google console to use it, downloading the file from the console and uploading it in Corebos in the same interface (the name is used in the filekey field).
You have to put the email address in Login , the api developers key (clé de l'API) in API key and the client id of the service account (Identifiant client) , only the part
before though.

But you have to do this for every user and that's why we have made it easier. As you can see in the screenshot, now you can use the client id
for web applications putting the client id (same as before) and the client secret , the API key (same as before) and the redirect uri which is <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://yourcorebosurl/sync.php">http://yourcorebosurl/sync.php</a><!-- m -->
You have to create it only for one user (admin for example) and all the others will authorize Google Sync with their own credentials (user and password).

You have to update Corebos to the newest changes to get this modification and don't forget to load the corebosUpdater changes and apply them because
the database changes for google calendar sync to work, are in there.

Here's some documentation that you may find helpful about Google Calendar sync:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ntegration</a><!-- m -->

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