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IMAP (Webmail Module) not really working
Hi Joe,

There is something not right with php-imap in PHP 5.4.x... (that package isn't in the CentOS repositories. I had to get it from the EPEL Base repo.) The differences in speed and functionality I saw in CoreBOS yesterday when I had it running with PHP 7 were very noticeable. What really twisted my nickers though was the way Wordpress completely broke and they are advocating upgrading to PHP 7 for security reasons. What little I was able to find out while going through all this yesterday was the changes (within PHP) where they've changed from using mysql to mysqli. I first saw this in the CoreBOS 7 file and didn't think much about it at the time, but it's starting to make a lot more sense now. Apparently wordpress has made this change as well and it very well probably had a lot to do with why WP broke yesterday. Even though I'm running the most recent version of the application. 

All in all I figured out yesterday that the webmail module issues I'm experiencing appear to be centered around the version of PHP that is installed on my server. The huge changes I witnessed in CoreBOS yesterday while 7 was installed bear that out. Although I'm still curious as to why, even using PHP 7 I wasn't getting an IMAP folder list; whether connected to my exchange IMAP or local dovecot IMAP connection. I can't even begin to fathom why CentOS 7/Redhat 7 aren't running the latest version of PHP. Especially if PHP 5.4 is EOL! Part of the problems I was having at first getting things to run was because I had to add repositories to Yum in order to install PHP 7. That almost always brings it's own baggage along; none of it any good. The farthest out I feel comfortable going in that area is adding EPEL repos to my CentOS distro. It put a boatload of extra folders for PHP 7 in /etc/opt and then I accidently found that I was missing a package because nothing on the web server worked. As I recall it was a package that contained the necessary php.conf file for Apache: What a mess!

So, since I lack the necessary hardware at the moment to do all this testing, VMWare Player won't run on my workstation, I'm going to have to figure out how to get a VM setup on my workstation to do the necessary testing. If I can get CoreBOS and Wordpress both running on PHP 7 then I'll be able to upgrade. 

Maybe I'm just running the wrong Linux distro...

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