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  Global search direct access - EditView
Posted by: radu - 10-26-2022, 11:02 AM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (4)


Is it possible to configure global search to open EditView of an element(instead of current DetailView) if the search result is unique?

Thank you

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  When I don't want delayed evaluation of conditions on an e-mail task
Posted by: Guido1982 - 10-20-2022, 01:13 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (4)

I have this situation: When a salesorder is created, and is has a certain state: I want to send an e-mail. Now somewhere along the line, we made sure the 'evaluate conditions on delayed execution' checkbox is set by default when creating e-mail tasks. Now, this could potentially mean that I want to send an e-mail when the status is A upon creation of the salesorder, then someone changes it to B before the e-mail task runs, and the e-mail is not sent I guess?

Would I prevent this scenario by disabling the checkbox that enables condition evaluation on delayed execution? I remember we talked about this before, but can't remember the outcome.

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  Update cbupd-0000448
Posted by: LorenzoGreco - 10-18-2022, 07:58 AM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (2)

installing update

Update cbupd-0000448: addQueryTypePicklistTocbQuestion::addQueryTypePicklistTocbQuestion
Adding Query Type picklist to cbQuestion.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function FetchRow() on bool in /home/XXXXXXX/include/database/PearDatabase.php:607 Stack trace: #0 /home/XXXXXXX/build/changeSets/2022/addQueryTypePicklistTocbQuestion.php(50): PearDatabase->fetch_array(false) #1 /home/XXXXXXX/modules/cbupdater/dowork.php(85): addQueryTypePicklistTocbQuestion->applyChange() #2 /home/XXXXXXXX/index.php(471): include_once('/home/gogo/vt.g...') #3 {main} thrown in /home/XXXXXXXX/include/database/PearDatabase.php on line 607

coreBOS 8.0 (d6be0b01020221005)


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  Create a special custom field
Posted by: LorenzoGreco - 10-15-2022, 12:49 PM - Forum: Modules/Extension Support - Replies (1)

Hi All
I don't understand how to create a custom field like Term and Conditions in quote module.

in quote Module i can Choose Termand condition in a Field (tandc

and this choose fill automatically the field (terms_conditions Text Area 65535

is possible to create other field like this, and ( i suppose the answer) using html format?

i Would like this, because i use quote e gendoc to send the Quote, but i need to insert something like service description

Other way is to create a Fake product whit a long description, and print this description.

or i don't know how gendoc can generate the pdf document and in the same time add specific sheet of an other formatted pdf.

i hope anyone has an idea.

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  Update cbupd-0000446
Posted by: LorenzoGreco - 10-15-2022, 12:17 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (1)

Hi All
Is This only a warning?
tnx to all

Update cbupd-0000446: delUitype105UserImageField::delUitype105UserImageField
Delete uitype 105 to support image fields on Users module.
ADORecordSet_empty   S  UPDATE vtiger_field SET uitype='69' WHERE vtiger_field.fieldid=?;  Array ( [0] => 514 )
 F  ALTER TABLE vtiger_seattachmentsrel DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_2_vtiger_seattachmentsrel
ADORecordSet_empty S DROP TABLE vtiger_salesmanattachmentsrel
Changeset delUitype105UserImageField applied!
Failed Queries Log
ALTER TABLE vtiger_seattachmentsrel DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_2_vtiger_seattachmentsrel
Total Number of queries executed : 3
Queries Succeeded : 0
Queries Failed : 1

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  [Solved]Change module reference field
Posted by: radu - 10-13-2022, 06:40 PM - Forum: User Support - Replies (3)


I would like to change InventoryDetails reference field to something more relevant than the entity's number. It is important especially in the mobile interface where only 1 field is shown in 'listview'.
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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  'From e-mail' field in workflow not respected
Posted by: Guido1982 - 09-29-2022, 08:52 AM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (12)

This is a custom workflow task from PDFMaker, so maybe there is an issue there. They've copied the stock e-mail task and all the variables. Now when I set an e-mail address in the 'From' field, the e-mails still get sent with the e-mail address that is set globally in the outgoing mail server settings in the 'From' header. Is this expected behavior? Any way to change it?

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  What is the best way to hide a field visually?
Posted by: Guido1982 - 09-06-2022, 02:32 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (9)

I want to hide some fields, purely visually. So I want users to have the same rights on those fields, I want workflows and other code to be able to have the same rights on the fields as they have now: I only want to have the fields hidden from the regular detailview. Now I can set their 'presence' column to 1, but that doesn't feel like the way to go. I don't want to disable them in the profile, since that might disable access to the fields for that profile, while it can be needed for some background processes.

So: purely visually. What is the best way to do that.

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  Update cbupd-0000443: dropForeignKeys (end with error)
Posted by: LorenzoGreco - 08-25-2022, 03:56 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (3)

Hi All for your information

Update cbupd-0000443: dropForeignKeys::dropForeignKeys
Drop Foreign Keys
ALTER TABLE vtiger_account DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_account
ALTER TABLE vtiger_accountbillads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_accountbillads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_accountscf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_accountscf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_accountshipads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_accountshipads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_activity DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_activity
ALTER TABLE vtiger_assets DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_assets
ALTER TABLE vtiger_campaignscf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_campaignscf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_contactaddress DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_contactaddress
ALTER TABLE vtiger_contactdetails DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_contactdetails
ALTER TABLE vtiger_contactscf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_contactscf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_contactsubdetails DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_contactsubdetails
ALTER TABLE vtiger_faq DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_faq
ALTER TABLE vtiger_faqcf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_faqcf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_invoice DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_2_vtiger_invoice
ALTER TABLE vtiger_invoicebillads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_invoicebillads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_invoicecf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_invoicecf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_invoiceshipads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_invoiceshipads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_invoicestatushistory DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_invoicestatushistory
ALTER TABLE vtiger_leadaddress DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_leadaddress
ALTER TABLE vtiger_leaddetails DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_leaddetails
ALTER TABLE vtiger_leadscf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_leadscf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_leadsubdetails DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_leadsubdetails
ALTER TABLE vtiger_notes DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_notes
ALTER TABLE vtiger_parenttabrel DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_parenttabrel
ALTER TABLE vtiger_parenttabrel DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_2_vtiger_parenttabrel
ALTER TABLE vtiger_pobillads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_pobillads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_poshipads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_poshipads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_potential DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_potential
ALTER TABLE vtiger_potentialscf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_potentialscf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_pricebook DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_pricebook
ALTER TABLE vtiger_pricebookcf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_pricebookcf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_productcf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_productcf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_products DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_products
ALTER TABLE vtiger_purchaseorder DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_4_vtiger_purchaseorder
ALTER TABLE vtiger_purchaseordercf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_purchaseordercf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_quotesbillads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_quotesbillads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_quotescf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_quotescf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_quotesshipads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_quotesshipads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_quotestagehistory DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_quotestagehistory
ALTER TABLE vtiger_salesorder DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_3_vtiger_salesorder
ALTER TABLE vtiger_salesordercf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_salesordercf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_service DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_service
ALTER TABLE vtiger_sobillads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_sobillads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_soshipads DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_soshipads
ALTER TABLE vtiger_ticketcf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_ticketcf
ALTER TABLE vtiger_troubletickets DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_troubletickets
ALTER TABLE vtiger_vendor DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_vendor
ALTER TABLE vtiger_vendorcf DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_1_vtiger_vendorcf
Changeset dropForeignKeys applied!
ERROR: Class dropForeignKeys called without update record in application!!

bye all

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  Fresh install on Cpanel using Git Version control
Posted by: TranscendentStudios - 08-20-2022, 04:16 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (9)

Ok all you geniuses

I am trying to fresh install on a godaddy server.  

I have done my best to meet all the requirements on the install page and have confirmed most PHP and Mysql settings with Godaddy tech.

I used Git Version control in Cpanel to make a repository from the corebos git which it made at

This is not in my public HTML part of the site but in the main directory.

I have not yet checked the permissions on this folder or run the install.

I am making sure that I am doing this correctly one step at a time so I don't screw it up

Do I work directly with this directory?  OR is this something I copy to some place else?  From what I understand the Git Version Control can update from Git whenever I want but I don't want to goof up the setup if I am supposed to work with a copy of it. (if that makes sense)

What should my next step be?

Thanks again for your wisdom and help

Below are my server settings for just to double check

cPanel Version 94.0 (build 19)
Apache Version 2.4.54
PHP Version 7.4.27
MySQL Version 5.6.51-cll-lve
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Shared IP Address
Path to Sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
Perl Version 5.10.1

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